Saturday, December 15, 2012

NEW at the Candy Cane Lane Gacha Fair!

The Candy Cane Lane Gacha Fair is open, and both Larnia Kids and Bebe Buttons are there with NEW products for you to try for and collect!

How about our NEW "petite plates collections", collectible miniature plates and shelf in 3 different themed sets! Extremely low land impact of 1 prim each or 10 for an entire set including the rack! Themes include Fashion, Princess, and Santa's Reindeer! These collections are currently exclusive to the Gacha fair, and the reindeer collection will only be around for the holidays!

Bebe Buttons also has NEW items for you to enjoy! Angel music boxes that spin, play a tune, and each holds a birthstone, with a rare rainbow angel, only 16 prims! Mes Bebes trunks to store your dolls or toys and retrieve them with a menu, plus rare decorative la petite bebe case, trunks 3 prims with the rare at 30 prims! Finally, shoulderkins Bebe Buttons dolls in holiday themed clothing!

All these are currently exclusive to the Candy Cane Lane Gacha, teleport here:

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