Saturday, September 25, 2010

I-Spy weekend at Larnia Kids!

This weekend will be the first of many for Larnia Kids in the new I-Spy kids promotion! A group of designers will be placing an item or items out for 75L on Saturdays and Sundays all following a theme that will change each week! It will be a fun way to continue a great weekend of shopping!

This week, the theme is school dayz and Larnia Kids has released our NEW After School Cubby! A pose to sit and put on your shoes, shelves for your backpack and supplies, posters, a picture frame for your own photo, and givers with school supplies and snacks!

Get it now for only 75L until midnight slt on Sunday at Larnia Kids!


Friday, September 24, 2010

50L Friday /kids/ NEW releases!

Friday is here again and its time for more great deals at Larnia Kids! This week we have NEW outfits, a dress and 2 new pairs of lo-tops all set to 50L until midnight slt on Friday!  Check out pics of the items below, prims are mod for easy fitting, or resize scripted depending on the item. An SLURL to Larnia Kids mainstore is available on our blog sidebar!

Friday, September 17, 2010

50L Friday /kids/ NEW releases at Larnia Kids!

Another Friday, another big NEW release from Larnia Kids! This week we have two NEW girls outfits, one NEW boys outfit, and 2 NEW pairs of shoes!

Our first girls outfit, Sprinkles, includes top with sculpted sleeves and bottom (lace trim as well), jean skirt with prim, leggings, shoelace bracelet, and a special pair of L Khucks lo-tops (laceless version)!

(All sneakers included with the outfits this week, and on their own, have NEW reworked stitching detail, shading and texture detail!)

Next we have We Got The Beat, girls version and boys version! Both include longsleeve top (girls version has  trimmed cuffs), jeans with sculpted cuffs, camo vest, cassette necklace, headphones, and a special pair of L Khucks lo-tops!

All prims are mod for easy fitting as usual in all outfits

And of course, any Larnia Kids fan knows that 50L friday always means new pairs of our themed and super colorful shoes and this week is not exception! Our new L Khucks lo-tops this week are Black laceless, and we have a new pair of the original kids sneaker flat: L Khucks Flats (bow) as well, Babylove! Both are resize scripted for easy fitting!

All these great items are set at 50L until midnight slt on Friday, so pay a visit to Larnia Kids mainstore and get yours while the prices are hot!!

Don't forget, we have many other new items released over the past weeks, an improved store layout that's worth a good look, AND our Halloween stock has started to trickle in, beginning with all our costumes and Halloween items from last year!!

SLURL to the store:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Its Friday and its time for another week of awesome bargains at Larnia Kids! This week we have 2 new girls outfits, 1 new boys outfits, and 3 new pair of shoes! All items are set to 50L until midnight on Friday night!

Berry Bella is a special edition of our Bella dress, redone in a berry color scheme! The dress has a cute sweater top, flexy bottom with lace and a special pair of L Khucks flats!

Love Music is a fun and quirky outfit sure to please fans of purple! Comes with everything shown including sculpted sleeves with bows, sculpted shirt bottom, detailed flexi skirt, wristband, and special boots with bows as well!

Ribbit is our boys outfit this week and once again includes our new boys sculpted shirt bottom and sculpted sleeves for the top, some super detailed camo jeans with sculpted cuffs, a special wristband watch just for this outfit, and even socks and sneakers!!

And of course, any Larnia Kids shopper knows that new shoes are a must on Friday! We have a pair of our new laced L Khucks flats, and 2 new pairs of lo-tops now with more detail including custom stitching!!

So come on out to Larnia Kids and get some awesome deals, and while you're here don't forget our GACHA machines and many other new items from the past couple of weeks!

SLURL located on our blog sidebar

Friday, September 3, 2010

NEW releases and 50L friday /kids/

Its friday, and Larnia Kids not only has some great deals out for 50L friday /kids/, BUT we also have several other NEW releases!! Check our 50L friday display inside our main doors, and also our NEW board behind and to the right of reception!

Our 50L friday outfits (2 for girls and 1 for boys) include many accessories like wristbands, bracelets shoes and sculpted/flexy parts including our first sculpted shirt bottom for boys!! Lots of details, style and color injected into these great outfits!!

Of course we have new shoes for 50L friday as well, including newly detailed lo-tops and the original kids sneaker flat, L Khucks Flats!! This weeks release is one of our new styles of flat, button!

If that weren't enough, Rory has worked hard to bring you an amazing girls release brimming with unique style and color as only she can do! 3 brand NEW outfits and 2 skirts that are sure to please!!

So much new, don't miss out on this amazing release at Larnia Kids! (slurl on our blog sidebar)