Friday, June 25, 2010

50L Friday /kids/ NEW releases!!

Another Friday and another set of super deals from Larnia Kids! This week we have 3 new girls outfits, 1 new boys outfit, 2 new pairs of shoes, and 2 new skyboxes!!! All at 50L until midnight slt tonight!

The girls outfits this week are some of Rory's best yet! bluebelle, wildflowers and mellow yellow all include lace trimmed shorts, top with both sculpty AND flexi bottom option, back bow, flip flops, bracelets and anklet! Prim parts are mod for easy fitting as always.

For the boys, we have Play Ball! Another outfit with many details, included is a shirt, jean shorts with cuffs, socks with tops, ball cap, wristband, resize scripted sunglasses and a special pair of resize scripted L Khuckers lo-top sneakers!! Prim parts are mod for easy fitting.

We also have both a new pair of resize scripted L Khuckers lo-top sneakers, pink RAWR; and a new pair of resize scripted L Khuckers Flats (sneaker flats), Carnival Blue!

And last but not least, we have begun creation on a line of skyboxes, and have 2 out for 50L friday! Pink Power and "Artiste" both include a small deck and workin front door, a large and smaller room inside with windows, stairs leading to a working trap door to another deck on the roof, and all at only 35 prims!!! They are also mod/copy to make sure you always have a spare, but can change things to your liking! We even have them rezzed out at the mainstore for you to try!!

So hurry in to take advantage of these amazing deals at Larnia Kids mainstore!!

SLURL on our blog sidebar will take you there :D

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Larnia Kids NEW summer line!

Today marks the release of the first in Larnia Kids NEW summer line of products! Included in this release are 9 swimsuits for girls, 4 swimsuits for boys, and our new floatie mattresses to match!

The swimsuits for girls come in 9 different patterns and 2 styles, either babydoll top or ruffle skirt!

Both styles include swimsuit top and bottom, bows, ties, either the babydoll top or ruffle skirt, bracelet, anklet, hairbows, heart sunglasses and flip flops!!

The boys swimwear comes in 4 patterns and all include tank top, swim trunks with ties, flip flops, wristband and resize scripted sunglasses!!

Prim parts are mod to easily fit everything to your shape and position it where you like!

Also in this release, our matching floatie mattresses!

All mattresses include 2 poses with menu, to allow you and a friend to enjoy it together! They also include a slow rotation to give the appearance of floating on the water!

And ther best part? The mattresses are only 2 prims! This makes them perfect for any pool or swimming occasion, or even to take to camp with you!

So come visit us at Larnia Kids mainstore and check out the first release in our new summer line! SLURL is located on our blog sidebar.

A special thank you to Knakyia Dreamscape (pictured in the top photo) for modeling one of our swimsuits!

Friday, June 18, 2010

50L Friday /kids/ NEW outfits!

Its Friday once again, and Larnia Kids has released 4 new outfits (2 for girls and 2 for boys)!

What makes these releases so special? Aside from 2 outfits that have shirt options for Father's Day, these outfits are the most detailed and accessorized that Larnia Kids has EVER released! More prim parts, more detail, and with the quality and affordable prices you've come to expect from Larnia Kids!

Our first girls outfit is i heart dad! It includes an all new sculpty bottom shirt with lace and back bow, jean skirt with prim, anklet and bracelet, a special pair of resize scripted L Khuckers Flats, AND even an extra shirt option in case the I heart Dad graphic doesn't suit your taste! Prims are mod for easy fitting!

Our second outfit for girls is robyn, an all new maxi sundress with back bow that includes bracelet and anklet, as well as a pair of matching flip flops! Prims are mod for easy fitting! A new and colorful dress perfect for summer!

For boys, our first outfit is Dad Rules! It includes a tshirt with a plain option if the graphic doesn't suit your taste, jeans with cuffs, wristband, and a special pair of resize scripted L Khuckers lo-tops! Prims are mod for easy fitting!

And lastly we have Boys Will Be Boys! A colorful and fun outfit that includes tshirt, jean shorts with cuffs, ball cap, resize scripted sunglasses, wristband, socks with prim tops, and a special pair of resize scripted L Khuckers lo-tops! So much detail and so many ways to wear it! Prims are mod for easy fitting!

So hurry in to Larnia Kids to get these great oufits for 50L each until midnigt slt tonight, and be sure to check out all the other new items and great deals in store! SLURL to the mainstore is located on our blog sidebar.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Limited Edition >:B RAWR sneakers at Larnia Kids!

Our very special >:B RAWR L Khuckers lo-top sneakers will be available for only 1 more day! Hurry in to get this limited time item before it is never sold again!

L Khuckers lo-tops are resize scripted, and although they are designed for kids can fit any avatar size!

SLURL to our mainstore is available on our blog sidebar.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kidz Slice of Summer Carnival!

Starting at 1pm slt today, the Kidz Slice of Summer Carnival will be open! Lots of rides n things to do, and lots of kids designers showing off their stuff!

Larnia Kids will be right there, just off the main path in the circus tents, and along with all of our newest items (including yesterday's releases) being available for purchase at the Carnival, we also have 2 exclusive items that will only be sold during the event and will then be discontinued!

Those of you familiar with Larnia Kids know we have a large selection of resize scripted low top sneakers called L Khuckers lo-tops, and the pair pictured below is our first Carnival exclusive: Pachyderm!

Our second exclusive is a pair of our resize scripted L Khuckers Flats! A sneaker and flat shoe in one, this design is exclusive to Larnia Kids. Pictured below is the aptly named Carnival pair of flats, with a carnival tent themed design!

So make sure to check out the Kidz Slice of Summer Carnival, later today there will be an LM to the event available at Larnia Kids mainstore, and it will be announced inworld today as well!

Friday, June 11, 2010

50L Friday /kids/ new releases!

No week would be complete without a big new release at Larnia Kids on friday! We have 8 brand new releases for 50L friday /kids/ that are sure to please! 3 new girls outfits, 2 new boys outfits, 2 new pairs of L Khuckers lo-tops and a new pair of L Khuckers Flats!!!

First off for the girls, brown eyed suzie includes babydoll top with bows at the shoulders, capris pants and flip flops! Prims are mod for easy fitting as always. An almost vintage inspired color scheme gives this outfit a truly fun and unique look!

Next we have summer sizzle! This includes babydoll top with bows at the shoulders, capris pants and flip flops! Bright colors and perfect for summer! All prims are mod for easy fitting.

The last of our brand new girls outfits is vibrant, which includes babydoll top with bows at the shoulders, jean shorts and flip flops! Super bright, highly detailed and fun! All prims are mod for easy fitting.

Now for the boys! Stick Around is up first, and includes tshirt, camouflage jean shorts with prim cuffs, and a pair of L Khuckers lo-tops only available in this outfit! Great for play, this outfit is sure to please the boys out there! All prims mod for easy fitting, sneakers are resize scripted.

Next up, Rock-a-Dragon! This outfit includes tshirt, jean shorts with prim cuffs, ball cap and flip flops! Stylish and fun! All prims are mod for easy fitting.

We also have new shoes again this week! Pictured below is our newest pair of L Khuckers Flats, exclusive to Larnia Kids! A sneaker and flat shoe in one, they are resize scripted to east fitting and come in a variety of colors and themes, like Little Bird below!

And finally, 2 new pairs of L Khuckers Flats lo-tops, resize scripted for easy fitting! Rainy Rainbow and On the Go are very busy and colorful, great for summer fun!

All these great items are only 50L each until midnight slt tonight!! Hurry in to check out the great deals, and don't forget the 66 new items released last week that are now put away in the store! (SLURL on our sidebar).

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Grand Re-Opening week would not be complete without participating in 50L Friday /kids/ and this week we again have multiple new releases for you, all at 50L until midnight on Friday.

Happy Face includes dress with colorful skirt with tulle, lace tights and bracelets! Prims are mod for easy fitting.

We also have a pair of matching L Khuckers Flats for Happy Face (sold seperately). Resize scripted and super colorful and fun!

I love me and I rule include a tshirt, gym shorts and knee socks! Each also comes with a pair of resize scritped L Khuckers lo-tops with super cute graphics on the side, highly detailed and fun!

L Khuckers Flats Denim are sure to please, a great addition to any outfit! Resize scripted of course!

And finally for boys, we have Sk8teR! This includes a tshirt with skateboard graphic, super detailed jeans shorts with prim cuffs, and a pair of resize scripted L Khuckers lo-tops to match!

And don't forget, its our week long Grand Re-Opening celebration this week and we have 60 new releases so far and more to come! Full outfits for girls and boys, our new L Khuckers Flats (sneaker flats), lo-tops, furniture, toys and much more!

SLURL on our blog sidebar :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

NEW furniture at Larnia Kids!

Its been a long time since we've released a new furniture set, and the Grand Re-Opening celebration seemed like the perfect time!

Peaceful Pink includes:

- bed with a sleep animation and several spots for your own photos
- bench with sit animations, decorative baskets and a pillow with sit pose
- nightstand with decorative basket, working lamp, decorative open book, and small frame for your own photos
- dresser with decorative pink stuffed toy (with sounds on click), working "My Piggy bank", and flower vase
- wall art and picture frames for your own photos
- rug and copy/trans carpet and wallpaper
- coloring table with 2 coloring books, crayon cup with crayon giver and bean bag chairs with sit poses

All this, with transfer or mod/transfer permissions depending on the piece, for only 450L!

Come check out the demo at Larnia Kids mainstore inworld today! (slurl on blog sidebar)